Our Ultrasonic Soldering Pot

The Ultrasonic Solder Pot is a self contained soldering systems.  The high-powered ultrasonic tank provides rapid removal of surface oxides located on the immersed component. Intense cavitation implosions etch through surface oxides exposing a layer of clean base material.  The soldering alloy rapidly wets the clean surface providing a uniform bond with superior performance.


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Our 350 Watt, USP-3-HT, Ultrasonic Soldering Pot

This Ultrasonic Soldering Pot, M/N: USP-3-HT, has been built for High-Temperature Operation for temperatures above 600F (315C). We use a "Dual-Loop", proportional solid state PID Temperature Controller. One loop monitors the heater's sheath temperature to ensure that the heaters will not fail due to overheating. The second loop monitors the Melt Temperature and is adjustable for operation at your desired set point. The "Dual-Loop" controller essentially eliminates premature heater failures.

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USP-3, detail

This USP-3-HT has been fitted with an Inert Gas Blanket Manifold & a Lip Vent Exhaust Manifold. The Annular Design for the Gas Inlet & Exhaust Vent has proven to be a very efficient method for controlling gas flow.





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This USP-3 has the Primary Temperature Controller's Thermocouple Sensor located inside the system's shroud. This arrangement makes it easier to access the Soldering Chamber for the Soldering Task. The Internal Thermocouple Sensor is much easier to clean and prepare the system for changing to a new soldering alloy.





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Fluxless Soldering via Ultrasonics

We have mastered the technique for Fluxless Soldering of Stranded or Braided Wire. Our typical Ultrasonic Soldering Pot has the ultrasonic energy source originating from the bottom of the molten solder. Our Wire Tinning System has the ultrasonic energy source located on the sidewalls of the Soldering Chamber, thus delivering more ultrasonic energy to the location requiring the ultrasonic energy. This new technique allows us to solder components that just could not be soldered before.


Our Wire Tinning System Installed on a
350 Watt, USP-3-WTS-5/8", Ultrasonic Soldering Pot

This Ultrasonic Soldering Pot has been built with our Wire Tinning System feature installed. This sytem is ideal for soldering fine wires, cable overbraids, solid core and stranded wire. We even solder very small components or can use very expensive solder alloys due to the low capacity of the WTS Soldering Chamber.


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This USP-603-WTS has been fitted with the Inert Gas Blanket Manifold and the Lip Vent Exhaust Manifold. The Annular Design for the Gas Inlet and Exhaust Vent has proven to be a very efficient method for controlling gas flow.




















Our Wire Tinning System Installed on a 750 Watt, USP-603-WTS, Ultrasonic Soldering Pot

We offer large Ultrasonic Soldering Pots with the Wire Tinning System feature installed. Larger Pots offer the advantage of soldering largr volumes of material and bigger objects. Another advantage of the Wire Tinning System is that we can ultrasonically solder long items with soldering alloys that attenuate the sound waves rapidly, such as the leaded soldering alloys.


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A Customized Wire Tinning System


We offer the opprtunity to build a customized soldering system that is better suited for your production needs. This system's base has a rectangular footprint to minimize the work surface countertop space usage. We installed "Bolt-Down-Tabs" to secure the Soldering Pot so it cannot tip over.

The Narrow Heat Control Cabinet allows the Ultrasonic Generator and Heat Control Cabinet to sit side-by-side rather than on-top-of-one-another. The Heat Control Cabinet can be packaged either short and long or tall and narrow.

The electronic cabinets have been fitted with our optional Tamper Proof Control Guards. These guards prevent unauthorized control adjustments. This feature ensures that only authorized personnel can make process adjustments. With your request, we will mount controls inside our NEMA-12 Generator Enclosure for our very large production systems,


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The USP-2 has 250 Watts of Ultrasonic Power.
All of our smaller Ultrasonic Soldering Pots have an
insulated countertop to eliminate burn hazards.

The Short Pot, M/N: USP-2, is ideal for soldering delicate components. This 2" diameter Pot has a 40ml volume. The small USP-2 is ideal for soldering with expensive soldering alloys

All of our small Ultrasonic Soldering Pots can operate continuously up to 350C. They actually can operate up to 450C; however Heater longevity can be compromised. We offer an Optional High Temperature Model which will handle High Temperatures without Heater problems (M/N: USP-2-HT, where the -HT suffix stands for High Temperature).


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This Ultrasonic Soldering Pot is our M/N: USP-4
with the Multiple Parameter Control Generator.

The USP-4 has 750 Watts of Ultrasonic Power and 1.8 kW of Heat. This system is ready to start soldering operations within 20 minutes after a cold start. Our new Bayonet Style Thermocouple Sensor arrangement allows the operator to change the defective Thermocouple Sensor after the pot's melt has solidified.



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The 600 Watt, USP-906-4" Deep, Ultrasonic Soldering Pot

This USP-906-4" Deep system has been fitted with the Optional Inert Gas Blanket Manifold and the Optional Lip Vent Exhaust Manifold. The USP-906 has a 9" x 6" opening and is a rugged production soldering system built for demanding installations. The USP-906 is available in a 4" deep unit (with 2 kW of electric heat) or a 5" deep unit (with 3 kW of electric heat).

The 4" deep unit (M/N: USP-906-4") has a 2.6 liter tank capacity. The soldering system is activated by 600 Watts of ultrasonic power. The 2kW Inconel heaters provide quick warm-up times and high loading capacity capabilities.

USP-906 close-up

Thermocouple Sensor is immersed in the solder melt for a concise temperature reading. The bayonet style Thermocouple Sensor is located in a Well for easy service.







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All of our small Ultrasonic Soldering Pots are are built for table top operation or Through-the Counter-Top-Mounting Through-the-Counter-Top Mounting offers the advantage of placing the bulk portion of the Soldering Pot below the Work Station's Work Surface. This arrangement makes it much easier to access the Soldering Chamber for the Soldering Task. When we couple "Through-the-Counter-Top-Mounting" with the "Primary Temperature Controller's Thermpcouple Sensor located inside the system's shroud", we create a sytem that offers superior production performance.

These units are built so you can separate the tank assembly from the shroud.



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Benefits provided by Ultrasonic Soldering Include:

The ultrasonic energy micro-etches the substrate providing more tooth and increased bond    strength.
Micro-etching action is accomplished in several seconds.
The soldering alloy's relative viscosity is reduced when acoustically activated.
The soldering alloy rapidly wets the clean surface providing a uniform bond with superior    performance.
The ultrasonic energy draws the solder into the pores of the immersed item.
Uniform wetting without the use of a soldering flux. Postsoldering cleaning eliminated.


Ultrasonic Soldering maximizes the effectveness of many joint designs. Sometimes flux is necessary due to the base materials chosen.  Ultrasonic Soldering allows for a reduction in the chemical strength of the required flux while improving overall performance.

Wide range of melt temperatures available.
Wide range of soldering alloys available.
Open top operation.
Consistent and uniform results.


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Built in 1992

Usp-3605, 2003

This Ultrasonic Soldering Pot, M/N: USP-3605R (aka L/C-720L)
is still used in Production for 2 Shifts/Day.

This system design is highly effective in soldering Heater Exchangers with aluminum return bends using the ALCOA 571 Process. The USP-3605R is a round bottom soldering vessel. The circular cross-section focuses ultrasonic energy into the center of the molten bath. Upon immersion, the concentration of ultrasonic energy accelerates oxide removal. The immersed item is uniformly wetted with an intermetallic bond between the base material and the soldering alloy.


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Built in 2003














The USP-3605R Ultrasonic Soldering Pot Shown
with a NEMA-12 Generator & Heat Control Electrical Enclosure

This system has been fitted with a Direct Expansion Refrigerated Cabinet Cooler. The Refrigerated Cabinet Cooler is ideal for keeping metal dust out of the Ultrasonic Electronics.

This system has been fitted with (2) Digital Ammeters to monitor the Heater Current drawn. This feature allows the Maintenance Department to schedule heater service as opposed to dealing with emergency shut-downs.

The increase in systems reliability far outweighs the additional costs for these optional accessories.

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Built in 2017


This USP-3605R Ultrasonic Soldering Pot System
has a separate NEMA-12 Main Disconnect Switch & Heat Control Enclosure and a NEMA-12 Generator Electrical Enclosure.

The new design for the USP-3605R has been technologically refined to deliver surpassed performance. The permanent output performance of our silver-brazed Magnetostrictive Transducers along with the transducer's high curie temperature provides many years of reliable service.

This particular Ultrasonic Soldering System is built to conform with OSHA's Arc Flash requirements. We locate the high voltage components in a separate electrical enclosure so periodic maintenance can be conducted in an electrical enclosure powered by 250 VAC (and lower). This technique allows the personnel to service the equipment safely without the cumbersome safety equipment required for servicing high-voltage hardware.

We have even replaced the Turbine Cooling Blower with internal mounted blowers that provide quiet operation with a small Factory Floor footprint.

We now provide (3) Ammeters to monitor the Heater Current drawn on our larger systems. This feature allows the Maintenance Department to plan when to service the heaters.


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Transducer AssemblyOur Transducer Assembly is permanently attached. The transducer is silver-brazed to the transmission stub and the stub is fully welded to the Soldering Pot's tank bottom. This solid one-piece construction offers the highest acoustical efficiency available. The transfer of power from the transducer to the soldering alloy is maximized and permanent. Our confidence in this system is backed by a 10 Year Transducer Warranty.







Transducer View of an
Ultrasonic Soldering Pot, M/N: USP-3605R


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Top ViewThe High-Limit Temperature Controller monitors a dedicated immersed thermocouple on larger systems. The High-Limit Temperature system is completely independent of the primary heat control system.






Top View of the Ultrasonic Soldering Pot, M/N: USP-3605R

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molten metals

We offer a variety of methods to acoustically activate molten metal. Another popular method is to immerse a Power Probe's Wear-Tip directly into the molten material. The ultrasonic energy will remove dissolved gases and enhance grain structure refinement. The Permendur Power Probe offers the ability to acoustically activate molten metal in continuous or batch casting operations.





Our Permendur Power Probe Treating Molten Aluminum

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Open Top Design


The 2000 Watt Ultrasonic Soldering Pot, M/N: USP-2408

The USP open top design allows the operator to insert the component directly into the acoustically energized soldering alloy. The molten alloy couples the acoustic energy to the immersed object. Within seconds, the component is uniformly wetted and ready to be withdrawn.

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The USP-2408 Being Used in a Bain-Marie Set-Up

The Ultrasonic Soldering Pot can be used to solder with other soldering alloys when used in a Bain-Marie set-up (aka similar to a heated bath where the working fluid has been replaced with molten solder). The ultrasonic sound waves & heat pass through the working solder into the Immersed container. The Immersed Container can contain a different solder, thus giving you the ability to process your material with different soldering alloys without loading an entire Pot with the new Alloy.

Please exercise caution and wear the proper protective clothing when using this soldering method. This method should be used for R&D trials only and not for production purposes.



Bain-Marie close-up

Top View of the Immersed Container containing a different soldering alloy.
The sound energy & heat passes through the coupling solder to solder components
in the Immersed Container.






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Standard Features for the Ultrasonic Soldering Pot:
Silver-Brazed Magnetostrictive Transducer(s) with welded transmission stub(s).
Transducer Cooling Blower with interlocking controls.
Large Surface Area Heaters for efficient operation.
1" Thick Ceramic Insulation with stainless steel insulation covers.
Working Temperature: to 500 C (dependent upon model number).
Wetted Surfaces: 300 Series Stainless Steel.

Ultrasonic Generator Specifications:
Variable Ultrasonic Power (0% to 100%).
Ultrasonic Energy Power Meter.
Frequency Adjustment
Digital Ultrasonic ON Timer.
LOCAL / REMOTE Ultrasonic Control.
Ultrasonic Timer activation by Footswitch or PLC.
Electrical Rating: NEMA-1 or NEMA-12, IP21, IP31 or IP54.
RFI Suppression.

Heat Control Cabinet Specifications:
Concise PID Temperature Controller with Digital Display.
High-limit Temperature Controller with Digital Display.
Primary Temperature Controller has an immersed thermocouple.
Independent High-Limit Controller thermocouple.

The Ultrasonic Soldering System Includes:
The Ultrasonic Soldering Pot.
Transducer Cooling System.
Ultrasonic Generator(s) mounted in a separate electrical enclosure.
Soldering Pot Heat Control System.

Optional Accessories Include:
High Temperature Operation.
Inert Gas Blanket Manifold.
Lip Vent Exhaust Manifold.