Dual-Frequency Immersibles



Dual-Frequency Immersible

Dual-Frequency Immersible Systems
Our Dual-Fre
stemquency Technology may be packaged into a simple Immersible system.  The opposing diaphragm plate configuration maximizes the reaction kinetics within the processing chamber.  This arrangement may be used for batch or continuous treatment dependent upon material flow characteristics.  We offer many additional Dual-Frequency Configurations to adapt to your particular installation requirements.



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Dual-Frequency Immersible Trough


The Dual-Frequency Immersible Trough.
The Dual-Frequency Immersible Trough is a continuous flow system.  The material flows through the center section for effective acoustic exposure.

Transducers may be attached to the bottom surface for thorough treatment of high density material.  Our Ultrasonic Trough provides an effective structure for this purpose.